Glock 26 Vs Shield

Glock 26 Vs Shield. Web the glock 26 wins hands down for me. As long as the 26 is not too thick for you then that’s the better choice imo.

Glock 26 Vs Shield
9mm throw down G26 vs Shield from

Web the glock 26 gen4 retails for $549 on glock’s website, while the m&p9 m2.0 subcompact retails for $479 on smith & wesson’s. These are sd pistols not range pistols. That being said, i prefer the glock 26.

The Shield Does Carry Very Nice But You Do Lose Some Round Count.

I'd recommend the 26, all the way. Web here is my break down. That’s a 14.61% difference in price which means if.

Thickness Matters For Both Comfort And Concealment.

Web this is a look at both the s&w m&p shield and the glock 26. It will accept the 19 ,. The smith and wesson m&p shield.

Web M&P Shield Glock 26 Vs.

Web i shoot a 26 more accurately than my shield m2.0, and it's really not that much harder to conceal if you have a proper gun belt and a quality holster. Web the glock 26 is thick compared to the shield. Web g193633 registered joined may 9, 2013 211 posts #6 · sep 20, 2014 difficult choice.

If I Want To Carry A.45, The The Glock 36 Is The Answer.

With that said, there are times. Web the shield is a great carry gun. Both great carry options but there are some upsides and downsides to both.

Are Concerned, I Go Both Ways On That One.

Web i have a 26 and 27. That being said, i prefer the glock 26. Web carrying the shield is more like carrying a j frame, but a 26 or 27 is not that much larger.

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