What Would A Modern Battleship Look Like

What Would A Modern Battleship Look Like. Litoral pateol ship that is getting retired before all are built moment,. Web 524 subscribers in the frickin community.

What Would A Modern Battleship Look Like
What would a modern day Tirpitz battleship look like? Quora from www.quora.com

A gun which can shoot at 100+ could be.that's the rationale of railgun research (and. Web what a modern battleship looks like without water surrounding it. Web if they were to build a modern battleship, it'd likely have some stealth capabilities, be bristling with ciws and its bigger brothers, and armed with missiles and quite possibly.

All Game Models Are Made Strictly According To The Drawings And Look Like Real Ships.

Web a gun which can shoot at 35 miles is not of terrible use in modern ship combat. This meant the battleships became redundant in an age of peace, without a foreseeable enemy to need these ships for. Web the maritime landscape had changed.

The Game Has A Wide Range Of.

This subreddit is for frickin' things!… A gun which can shoot at 100+ could be.that's the rationale of railgun research (and. There are no modern battleships.

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Battleship is a specific type of warship that has been obsolete since ww2. Web dubbed the t2050, the concept looks like a cross between the u.s. Battleships were the focus of navies), but completely devoid of whatever made.

Web As Such, In This Alternate Reality, Modern Navies Would Look Much Like They Did In The 1930'S (I.e.

We deliver hundreds of new memes daily and much. You wanna do this, really? Web modern and historical warships and submarines including battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, corvettes, frigates, cruisers, diesel and nuclear types.

Web You'll Become The Captain Of A Modern Battleship.

Web a modern battleship designed under a modern carrier centric paradigm would likely look more like an oversized missile cruiser than anything that would. Assuming that all the traditional values of battleships are kept (big guns, heavy armor, etc.). A 155mm gun, the agm can launch a projectile.